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Internship Program

Butterball internships provide you with tangible work and leadership experience to help you drive your professional goals. The majority of our internships are a twelve-week, paid full-time opportunity over the summer; however, we do have case-by-case flexibility. You will have specific projects throughout the duration of your internship experience that help drive business functions forward to visualize the impact you have on our company. You will connect, develop and grow in your personal and professional experience. You will join a variety of meet-and-greets with senior leadership and departments across the company, developmental workshops, social events and site tours.  

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R&D Intern

"Butterball taught me skills that will help me further my career, regardless of what that path may end up being. between the development process, industry experience and individual project management, I can confidently say I am more prepared to enter the full-time workforce than when I began this journey."


Organizational Development Intern

"Originally, I was unaware of the multitude of human resource positions offered at Butterball, so I was suprised to discover an internship opportunity that perfectly alighned with my major, Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I couldn't be more overjoyed with my decision to intern at Butterball! My Organizational Development and Engagement team is phenomenal and the culture at Butterball is incredibly supportive and welcoming.This has been such an amazing experience for me that I hope to continue my internship during the last year of my master's program. 


HR Intern - Ozark, MO

Being an intern at Butterball has opened several opportunities for me to grow both profressionally and personally. The knowledge, experience and relationships I've gained while being an HR intern have helped me develop skills that will further prepare me for future endeavors in my profressional career


Infomation Technology Intern

"Working as an intern at Butterball has been nothing short of excellent. I have had the privilege of working with selfless, hardworking and intelligent people as well as working on meaningful projects that will have an impact on Butterball for years to come."


Operations Intern - Mt. Olive, NC

"My internship with Butterball has given me a greater understanding of what working in the food industry is like. My time as an intern has allowed me to expand my knowledge, develop new skills and make meaningful relationships within the operations plant"


Live Operations Intern - Huntsville, AR

"My family has grown Butterball turkeys for longer than I have been alive. Growing up on my parent's farm has taught me hard work, discipline and problem solving that has made me the strong independent woman I am today. Now, spending and entire summer working directly with field technicians and an outstanding veterinarian to help flocks, the Butterball company and growers just like my family has been so enriching."


Engineering Intern

"Butterball has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in many different departments. The people who work for Butterball, whether they are in the corporate office or at one of the plants are so welcoming and a pleasure to be around. The internship program and the Talent Programs team do a great job making sure all interns stay connected, learn many aspects of the business nad have fun!"


Commitment to Your Growth

Our most successful interns are asked to join one of our premier rotational programs, the Management Trainee Program (MT) or the Management Development Program (MDP). Rotations are designed to provide tangible work experience while building a cross-functional network. Each rotation will contribute to not only your functional knowledge, but also to key company initiatives.

Management Trainee Program

We are always looking for the best talent in the industry to join our team. Our Management Trainee Program is designed to nurture that talent and harness it to help lead our company for the next generation. This program searches for recent graduates, exiting military, or individuals looking for a career change and would like to fast track themselves into a leadership position. Each one of our processing facilities will look to hire Management Trainees and each trainee works for 3-5 months rotating through different process areas across our operations. At the end, they'll be qualified to apply for any open Operations Supervisor roles. Management Trainee graduates have a unique perspective that help them succeed in key leadership roles across the organization.
Since starting with this company, I have been able to increase confidence in my leadership capabilities and communication skills by working with experienced individuals who exemplify these traits.

Victoria O.

Management Development Program

Butterball is proud to offer a two-year rotational Management Development Program (MDP) for recent college graduates. For 18-24 months, you will get the exciting opportunity to work alongside many leaders at Butterball. You’ll gain well-rounded business and industry knowledge, build a cross-functional network, and provide key contributions to our company initiatives. The experience gained during this time will establish an invitation to join our Management Development Program upon your graduation.
"Joining the Management Development program has become one of the best choices I could have made professionally. The program has allowed me to grow exponetially over the past year, constantly pushing me to become a better and more developed version of myself. I have learned more about who I am as an employee and a leader."


"I have been with Butterball for three years. New and impactful challenges kept me engaged from the start but what has kept me around is the connections I have built with my team and beyond. As a developing leader, the satisfaction from helping our people has been a major motivating force."


"Following my internship, I accepted a fulltime position at Butterball. I was excited to continue at a company that saw the value of my work. Butterball fosters an environment for growth and excellence."


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