Refrigeration Blast Monitor - evening shift in Mount Olive, NC at Butterball

Date Posted: 1/3/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

TITLE:                      BLAST MONITOR

OBJECTIVE:           To monitor blast cooling of the product and daily operation.

RESPONSIBILITY:  The responsibility for performing these activities is that of the Blast Monitor

RESOURCES:          PPE                 Rubber boots   Disposable gloves

                                    Sleeves            Smocks            Apron 

Cotton gloves                          Numbered Thermometer        

Microbial inhibitor                 Quat


  1.  Calibrate numbered thermometer prior to shift and record results in appropriate calibration log.
  2. Document time calibration occurred

    Monitoring log for Cook & Chill Temperature.

  3. Document thermometer number

    Monitoring Log for Cook & Chill Temperature.

  4. Pull full racks out of oven.

  5. Defrost the blast as needed or not to exceed three ovens worth that has been through the blast.Open the doors to the vestibule to completely defrost them.At this point the blast can be washed down and Floor sanitizer applied. After defrosted, squeegee down all condensation on ceilings, units, pans, doors, and frames.

  6. Turn on the blast about 30 minutes before the ovens are ready or as soon as the blast is mopped free of condensation.

  7. Pulling the oven. In order to keep condensation to a minimal, open oven doors, pull out the racks weighing each one, then stage in the vestibule until entire oven is emptied.After oven is pulled into vestibule then shut oven doors, open blast doors and roll the racks into the blast.DO NOT PUT PRODUCT UNDER DRIP PANS. Make sure that all thermometers are out of the product when pulling the racks. If there is any frozen condensation on the underside of the drip pans wipe it down.

  8. Alcohol all door bumpers throughout the shift

    Blast Operation: 

  9. Within 30 minutes of loading the blast check temperatures on random racks of birds or parts in blast from an oven to ensure HACCP procedures are being met and to ensure that the cooling units are in working order. If cooling units are not working contact your Supervisor immediately.

  10. Record temperatures on the Smoke and Bake Chill Chart

    120 – Temperatures are 120° to 126° degrees coming out of the ovens or in cold shower. 

    Chill – Temperatures are 55 degrees or below in six hours from the 120 degree temperature in the blast. Minimum chill time is 4.5 hours.

    As soon as the product reaches these temperatures document the time and temperature.

  11. Sanitize your thermometer after each time it is inserted into a bird.

          Monitors are responsible for ensuring that there is alcohol available to


  12. Inform Supervisor of any non-compliances or variances

  13. When product is down to prescribed product temperature, move racks from blast to holding cooler

  14. Turn in forms at the end of the shift to Supervisor

  15. Pull rack from east or west cooler.

  16. Take temperature of three birds from three different racks and record.

  17. Average of the three temperatures must be 40 F or below before pack.

  18. Roll rack to stripping table in Smoke and Bake cook room

  19. Clean Smoke-n-Bake coolers as outlined


                1.         Before blast is turned off the product needs to be pulled from the blast. 


  20. Blast monitors are not allowed in the oven operator room.They are only

                to reach in to receive the HACCP paperwork.

  21. Floor sanitizer is to be put on the floor throughout the work day in the oven,

                vestibule, blasts and coolers as they are needed or if the pH of the floor is

                out of range.

  22. All trash is to be disposed of as it occurs.

  23. Report all repair work that needs to be taken care of as soon as the issues

                happen to your supervisor.

  24. Drip pans are to be monitored daily by all the blast monitors and are to be

                drained as needed.  The man lift needs to be used for your own safety. 

                The 3rd shift monitor will be responsible to empty these every Sunday night and check 

                the Quaternary Ammonia ring in all pans.

  25. The storage pan for the mops and squeegees in the oven vestibule needs to be changed out every day or as deemed necessary.If it needs to be scrubbed then each shift monitor will be responsible to keep it cleaned.

  26. The coolers need to be cleaned once per shift at the time they are empty.

                This includes the walls and the doors.  Follow cooler cleaning procedure.

                Each monitor will be responsible for one cooler to be cleaned, but if a

                cooler needs to be cleaned then the monitor on shift will be held

                responsible for the cleaning.

  27. The oven vestibule, coolers and blasts need to be foamed down once per

                shift. This will be done after defrosting and cleaning.

  28. When cleaning the blasts and coolers there should be no standing water

                left on the floors.

  29. Sanitize your thermometer after each time it is inserted into a bird.

                Monitor will be responsible for ensuring that there is alcohol available to

                sanitize.  If not notify your supervisor.

  30. The scale in the oven vestibule needs to be calibrated at the beginning of each shift and at each break.Check sheet is to be filled out by the monitor and given to the Supervisor.If maintenance is called another calibration check must be done and shown on the scale check sheet.

  31. Make seal bars inyour spare time.

  32. Report to Supervisor during down times for direction.

  33. Monitor racks and tag them if repair is needed.

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