General Maintenance (Farms) in Carthage, MO at Butterball

Date Posted: 5/4/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Pay Rate Starting at $13.50 per hour


DAILY with flock on Farm When Covering Duties

•         Shower into facility

•         Read water meters and mix appropriate water-treatment solutions

•         Pick up dead turkeys, record the number and incinerate the dead turkeys

•         Read and record daily temperature and humidity readings.

•         Adjust the height of feed and water lines.

•         Check ventilation quality and make approved adjustments.

•         Communicate problems and opportunities to the Brooder Hub Supervisor

•         Roto-tilling caked manure along feeder and water lines.

•         Launder dirty clothes

•         Perform shower house custodial duties and yard maintenance.


•         Hand washing starter feeder and starter drinkers

•         Power washing buildings between flocks

•         Maintaining foot pans daily at each house


•         Build cardboard brooding pens as directed

•         Fill and Place starter feeding and drinking equipment

•         Clean brooding stoves with compressed air

•         Light and test brooding heaters (LPG)

•         Check water and gas lines for leaks

•          “Place” Poults on poult placement days

•         Break down poult boxes and collect and dispose of poult box pads.


•         Clean up the Shower house daily.

•         Winch feeder and drinker lines to overhead position.

•         Drain water lines and empty feed pans after houses are emptied.

•         Hang up hoses and electrical wires to get them out of the way of clean-out tractors.

•         Roto-till caked manure as needed.


•         Notify Supervisor or Butterball Flock Supervisor of any high mortality (dead turkey number) power-failure, or storm damage immediately.

•         Learn to operate Tractor PTO Generator for Emergency power supply.

•         Monitor Normal, authorized traffic and visitors.

•         Stop and Refuse unauthorized traffic or visitors.

•         Report unauthorized traffic and/or visitors.

 Research Farm Daily Duties when covering the farm :

•         Keep records of daily water consumption, mortality, temperatures, and any other research data being collected at the time.

•         Pick up dead and incinerate them daily.

•         Climb and read feed bins for accurate feed inventories.

•         Roto-till with a small tractor and tiller.

•         Operate the tractor and sprayer to wash buildings and/or spray turkeys in the heat.

•         Set up and tear down fences inside the buildings when receiving turkeys and when they load out. 

•         Help maintain the grounds on the outside of the buildings.

•         The turkeys on this farm are grown to 20 weeks of age and could weigh up to 50 pounds at market.

•         Help tag turkeys before they load out to go to market


•         Keep maintenance done

•         Keep the grounds outside maintained

•         Mowing

•         Weed eating

•         Spraying

•         Rodent control

•          Days off could be variable and some weekends would be required

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